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Travis Walton
Mortgage Loan Originator | NMLS 2083752 | 260-403-5760

Trident Home Loans is veteran owned and operated. 80% of our loans are VA loans with 10% being conventional loans whereas the borrowers are also veterans. We process over 3000 loans per year, do not allow failure, and the entire Trident Team is passionate about helping our clients. Our borrowers know our reputation. We not only offer the best rates, but Trident is the most competent lender in the country. Trident’s marketing campaign is mainly based on referrals. We answer emails, phone calls, and texts real time. It is our service to the client and a company-wide passion for taking care of our veteran brothers and sisters, their family and friends, and anyone that needs us, in every way possible.

Marty Medve, co-owner of Trident Home Loans, is the number one VA Loan Officer in the nation out of thousands of Loan Officers. Trident is leading as the number one VA preferred lender in every single military forum online, and over 500 5-star reviews on Google. Trident’s reputation is impeccable.

Trident is unique because most of the team are veterans, including Travis. As a retired Air Force officer of 22 years military service, six combat deployments on the ground and in the air to include over 500 hours combat time flying F-16s and A-10s, combat-wounded Purple Heart recipient surviving an ambush attack in Iraq, Veterans Treatment Court mentor, and current legacy airline pilot, his commitment to you is unrivalled. The same passion he has for his borrowers flows through every single employee at Trident Home Loans. Many of Trident's Loan Originators are also airline pilots and understand pilot documentation for our airline pilot clients.

Trident isn’t your average lender, we aren’t an out of state lender, we are Veterans that served with clients on soil across the world. Thank you for allowing this opportunity to continue serving our nation’s finest.

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Corporate Office:
6723 Plantation Rd
Pensacola, FL 32504

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